Welcome to Women Rise Together

A community for women curious and eager to raise the bar in their health and wellness.

With Women Rise Together, we bring together the expertise of the women's health team at Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness and our community health team affiliates with curious, eager women at each life stage to understand our hormonal profile and build a set of holistic health practices unique to each of us based on the latest research, resources, and experiences of other members, so that we can each seize each day comfortable in our own skin, embrace healthy practices, and realize our fullest potential.  

Access Exclusive Classes + Courses to purchase or subscribe to:

  • The Power of Femininity Club:  Community Course complete with Tool Kits and Guides to balance your hormones in every stage of life. Learn how to unlock their hormonal advantage and make significant changes in their health + wellness.

  • GrowCo Postpartum Mama: Postpartum Education and Rehabilitation Exercise

  • Holistic Yoga Mama: Prenatal Yoga On-demand

  • Mama + Cub Wellness: Community + Connection for Mothers

  • Wolfe Yoga Den On-demand

Join in on the Weekly Holistic Health Challenges and show up in your life healthy and whole.

Access Connection and Resources from women for women.

Celebrate Your Wins, Share your Challenges, Give Asks to the Community. Active engagement is proven to provide you with the greatest outcome!